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11th year of the reign of King George 1.  Guys Hospital owned much land in the area including Felsted, Great Waltham, High Easter, Great Leighs, Little Leighs, parts formerly of the Manor of Great Bardfield, 1728 the Beaumont Estate, 1734 the Bardfield Estate and 1753 Leighs Priory Estate.


Frenches Farm was previously known as Kings Farm.  Details of disposals after a Will:  £7000 (this seems a high value for that time?) plus £70 for timber.   Sale to T Gibbons.  Cart Lodge Field 3 acres 3 rods and 12 perches.  Total site area 45 acres 1 rod and 22 perches.  Occupied by J Ambrose, J H Barnard and Thomas Franklin.  Fields 201,202,204,321,322,326


The Government directed County Councils to sponsor "Starter Farms".  ECC lent the capital for local people to start farming.  After WW1, priority given to ex-servicemen.


Essex County Council bought Frenches Farm for £3,600 (elsewhere recorded as  £775) from Thomas Lanyon, with no outstanding liabilities.  Partly in Great Bardfield and partly in Little Bardfield.  45 acres 0 rods 38 perches.  Little Bardfield fields 213,214,215; Great Bardfield fields 341,343,386.


Elizabeth Hughes Fox, who lived in Fanns Farm, inherited the Frenches Farm on 22 May 1911 when she became age 21 from her uncle F A King.  His nephew Crawford Adams lived there.


Frenches Farm land tax. Owner ECC.  Occupier B Chapman and then David Bright.  Great Bardfield fields: 341/Cart Lodge Field, 343/Wood Field, 396/Little Wood Field.  Little Bardfield fields: 212/Homestead Field, 213/Barn Field, 214/Nine Acre Ley, 215 Four Acre Ley.


Robert Ball died and, in his will, appointed his wife Ada Harriett Balls and his son Jason Mayhew Balls as executors and trustees of the estate.


Tithe tax paid to the Vicar for 50 years, £2-12s-9d.  For fields 325,358,359,360,361,362,363.


James Mayhew Balls "renounced and abandoned the use of his said surname of Balls and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the surname of Mayhew".  Stamp duty paid 10/-. 


Deed of surrender.  Concerning a Deed made in 1924 between Elizabeth Hughes Fox and Frederick Augustus Adams who changed from Tenant to Beneficial Owner.


Sold by Guys Hospital to Thomas Henry Ives fields 211 and 216.  £430.


Sold by Thomas Henry Ives to Frank Herbert Pratt for £416-5s-0d fields 211and 216 of 25 acres 3 rods and 1 perch.


Frank Herbert Pratt sold to Essex County Council two fields, 211 and 216, 25 acres 3 rods and 1 pole for £2320.


Frenches Farm.  September, Mac Beanland became the tenant.


Sold as Vacant Possession for E H Fox estate by Savills.  55 acres/22.27 hectares. Beneficiaries of a will. Alfred Ernest Jones, William Robert Arthur Young, John Mackworth Wood and Douglas Payne Wood.


The Government released the County Councils from this obligation.  Essex sold all of their farms except areas designated as "development land"


Mac Beanland bought Frenches Farm from ECC.  Kept pigs, sheep and turkeys.  Grazing for horses and cattle.


Mac Beanland sold Frenches Farm to the Payne Family. It is now an Equestrian centre.